Press Clippings

Please enjoy browsing this selection of Press clippings from local publications about the Old Yellow Meeting House. You can click on the images to see a full size pdf file.

Annual Reunion MP 8-1-1985.pdf
Baptist Church MP 9-19-96.pdf
Annual Reunion RN 7-27-00.pdf
Grundy Ltr July 1970.pdf
Historic Tour 9-20-1976.pdf
Imlaystown TET 12-21-64.pdf
Lightning Strike 7-9-90.pdf
Parsonage Renovation MP 8-2-1984.pdf
OYMH TSTA 7-30-33.pdf
OYMH TFT 7-12-40 & AM 7-26-53.pdf
OYMH TET 12-15-64.pdf
OYMH NYHT 10-23-32.pdf
OYMH MI 7-4-18.pdf
OYMH Examiner 7-28-93.pdf
OYMH Article APP 5-7-80.pdf
OYMH APP 11-8-31.pdf
OYMH AM 3-21-07.pdf
MP 6-5-2003 Article.pdf

Additional Photos from Press Clippings