Old Yellow Meeting House

est. 1737

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975

The stated purpose of the Friends of the Old Yellow Meeting House is to preserve and care for the Meeting House, Parsonage and Cemetery by respecting the historical character and rural setting of the property.  We strive for authenticity of design, materials and workmanship and for appropriate use of this property, so that it may be respected, appreciated and enjoyed by future generations.


 Charlie Zahm Concert 8/13/23

 Sunday, August 13th, 2023  6 PM

 Free concert with refreshments

 Charley is a popular balladeer of Celtic &  Early American music.

 A concert for the whole family!


Annual Reunion & Meeting 9/24/23

See Events Page for more details

The 2022 Annual Reunion and Meeting held on Sunday, September 25th was a great success:

Welcome to Ye Old Yellow Meeting House

Dating back to the 1700s, Ye Olde Yellow Meeting House is an important  piece of New Jersey History.  

The church is no longer used for regular worship services, but is maintained by the Friends of Old Yellow Meeting House, a volunteer organization.

The grounds are open to the public during daylight hours.  The Meeting House is open during events or by special arrangement.   The Parsonage is privately occupied and not open to the public.

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Old Yellow Meeting House, September 2022.   (See more photos here)

More Info

Please see the article posted here for a for an overview of the Old Yellow Meeting House by John Hammond  published in 2021.

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Scenic Byways

The Old Yellow Meeting House is part of NJ Scenic Byways.

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